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The New England School of Bioenergetic Medicine

Reconnect with the Rhythms of the Natural World

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Change Your Life - Change The World...

Our programs offer an opportunity to enhance your professional career through a deeper dive into specific areas of Bioenergetic Medicine. Each program provides the potential for transformative personal and professional development and deeper connection with the world. 

Whether you are studying Massage and Somatic Therapy or mastering Environmental Therapeutics, your experience will be life-changing as you learn to blend traditional wisdom with cutting-edge research for health and wellness; yours, your community's, and the planet's.

Our workshops and classes are a multidimensional blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, tailored to help you reconnect with yourself and the rhythms of the natural world. 


Each learning opportunity is designed to provide practical tools and techniques that you can apply in your daily life to enhance your overall wellbeing.

Our community learning initiative offers unique and engaging experiences for participants of all ages. We believe in the power of connection, offering lectures, gatherings, and activities that are dedicated to promoting wellbeing and a meaningful relationship with the Earth and Her inhabitants.  

About Us

Our School

The New England School for Bioenergetic Medicine is situated in the rolling foothills of the Green Mountains. Over 300 acres of forest and field provide the backdrop for your transformative learning experience. 


Our curriculum weaves cutting-edge biomedical science with the profound wisdom of ancient traditions. Our institution is a pioneering educational and research hub that explores optimal pathways for health and healing of our shared environment and the collective wellbeing of all life.

All of our programming is dedicated to creating an environment that nurtures ecological awareness, ethical reflection, and hands-on experience.


Contact us to become part of our community and embark on a transformative learning journey.

Upcoming Opportunities for Learning

Check out our course page for upcoming Program Starts, Courses, or other Offerings. 

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