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Five Elements QiGong Immersion Course

Experience Balance and Harmony

Try this 8-Week Immersion.

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Curious about how Qigong can enhance your health and well-being?

Confused about how to begin a practice?

Embrace the Opportunity

This 8-week Five Element Qigong Immersion Learning Opportunity is structured to support you in seamlessly weaving the practice of intentional movement into your life. Tailored for those with a deep desire to enhance their health and wellbeing holistically, this learning opportunity is a perfect introduction to aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and building daily spiritual practice. 

  • Our initial meeting will provide you with the opportunity to learn the simple techniques of breath and intention that will help you master the whole series over the next 7 weeks.

  • Over the next 5 weeks you will be guided each week, through one specific element of practice, allowing you to discover the power of intentional movement at a pace that honors your personal journey.

  • Once you have had the opportunity to comfortably move through each element, we will focus our final weeks on bringing them together into a guided and supported practice that will allow you to feel the alignment of your body's energy with the rhythms of nature. As you dive deeper into Qigong, you'll discover that it is not just a physical practice, but also a way to cultivate mindfulness.

  • Join in each week and take the first step towards self-healing and equilibrium today. 

Begins Soon

This program is individually scheduled. Registration is open. Sign up for more information


Tuition for this course is $400. Payment options are available. Reach out for more information. 


A private community is available within our community platform in order to provide additional connection and support. 


Interested in taking this course for free? Reach out and ask us how. 

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